Professional team NWO fitness center, comfortable and air-conditioned space will make your workout enjoyable. Trainings are adapted to physical abilities and desires, in order to achieve a common goal. Our concept of work, full commitment to each client, makes us successful and uniqe. A large number of satisfied customers gives us satisfaction for further work.

Within the fitness studio, we offer you:

Personal training:

  • Vibration training
  • Vacuum training
  • Electrostimulation 12 channels stimulator (EMS)
  • Mesotherapy without needles mesophoration NF
  • Cardio program
  • Design and tightening
  • Anti-cellulite program and other programs working exclusively by licensed massage therapist
  • Reduction of weight and cellulite
  • Detoxification
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Hypoxi aparat

Hypoxi aparat


Power plate


Cardio program


Within the program of fitness N.W.O. we offer:

Personnal training:

training on the Power Plate vibrating platform for a period of 30 min., the vacuum traning in the Hypoxi training capsule for 45 min., Miha bodytec-training during  15 min..

Wide selection of the newest equipment for the training process , modern Tecnogym cardio program, shaping and tightening the body on the ground with a personal trainer, BH Fitness station 5- device that replaces a complete gym with 400 kg weights for all muscle groups individually.


All trainings are conducted three times a week for desired results. We corect deformities of the body as well as minor corrections.

Enlargement of musculature where necessary and reduction of fat deposits where critical.


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