Body shock

BODY SHOCK training in treating cellulite problems bring great results only after a few workouts. Cellulite is developed by weakening of the connective tissue, when cells accumulate fat between the skin and muscle tissue. They appear as recognizable “bubbles”, mainly on the thighs, gluteus and abdomen. These tissues can be treated by electricity shock at lower frequencies shallower layers of muscle fibers, which boosts circulation and stimulates the loss of toxic matter from problem areas.

In addition to increased fluid intake will quickly get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon even though cellulite built up in years. By treating the parts of the body by electric impulses adapted power increases fat and carbohydrate consumption, enhances blood circulation and detoxification, shaping the muscles and improves the tone of the body!

Body shock therapy acts so the passage of electrical impulses through the tissue leads to increased blood flow through vessels abstracted treatment, therefore, a lymphatic drainage of toxins and degradation of cellulite. Because of that it’s necessary to drink about three liters of non-carbonated liquids without sugar daily. Decomposition of cellulite is also a result of mechanical contraction of muscles, also caused by the activity of electrical impulses.

This way it is possible to treat not only the surface (edematous and fibrous) cellulite but also the depth (node and sclerosing) cellulite, skin revitalizing, tightens and rejuvenates. It is important to reiterate that you enter the correct amount of water because the machine separates the fat and cellulite from the tissue, and the water is the one that cellulite and fat removed from the body.


By using Body shock apparatus we achieve:

  • electro massage of tissues and muscles
  • lymphatic drainage
  • better blood circulation
  • microstimulation of tissue
  • decomposition of cellulite
  • designing whole body and certain parts
  • boosting of general metabolism
  • elasticity and tension of skin and muscle

It is not suitable for:

  1. People with malignant illnesses
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Nursing mothers